The Frii is my Blog space.

It is about publishing content that I think is relevant & pushing out content that I write. The Frii is a state of mind that I have been working on for the past 4 years. To realise the Value of your presence is one of the most important things any Entrepreneur must do, It is only when you add a value to your presence that you will truly realise what you are worth.

Self Worth in Business and Personal life is without a doubt the single most naked moment you will have, it is a moment of absolute clarity where you realise exactly what you are worth when you walk into a room or look in the mirror.

That moment breaks most people and it did not fail to do the same to me. After countless ventures and failures I realised that 100% of the time I failed first before the project or venture did. To truly realise that made me feel like my presence in any venture was worth nothing, I think at some point in Entrepreneurship everybody feels like it. Failure to lead or to be accountable is often overlooked by the individual who requires it most. Blame shifting is easier than looking in the mirror and going “This is Your Fault”. After realising that it is even more difficult to start rectifying the mistakes, but it is one of the most rewarding journeys you can undertake.

The moment you can stand accountable for the Good & Bad that you are pushing out into the world is the exact moment you realise what you are worth. It is a feeling that can’t really be described and brings clarity to your purpose like nothing you can imagine. What makes this clarity even better is that it makes you realise that what you allow to manifest in your life is really up to you. Mistakes are as much part of being Human as the need to breath, with the major difference, we are taught that breathing comes naturally and mistake don’t. It is this unnatural way of thinking that forces us to forgive & understand only the things we do wrong, but allows us to be angry at the mistakes of others. I of course realise that people can take advantage of a statement like this, and just keep on saying that everybody makes mistakes, but if you accept the same mistake more than once it is no longer a mistake but a choice.

Out of these Experiences The Frii was born, a mindset I think everybody at some point in life gets, it is a state of mind that forces you to be quiet for a moment and allow yourself to hear your heart beating and Go…I Have a Purpose.

It takes you past your own procrastination & excuses and forces you to look your biggest competition in the eyes. When you are done reading this go to the Mirror you will meet the person I am talking about.
Welcome to The Frii.